Email Marketing Services

Send marketing messages to your customers directly.

Email marketing is a very cost effective method of contacting your customers. According to eConsultancy, 72% of companies describe it as an excellent return on investment.

We set up effective email templates that conform to all the major email platform rules and we clean your data as part of the process. Once the email is built and you are 100% happy with the design, we send it out to your list and report back on performance.

It’s really quick and straightforward because, we take care of the technical stuff.

  • Analyse the success

    You get access to the reports including delivery rates, open rates and click through rates. Also, if you have an eCommerce website, we can track the number of sales and turnover from a campaign.

  • Increase sales and traffic

    By sending gripping messages, you will keep a steady flow of sales and traffic on your site.

  • Send different types of campaigns

    Newsletters, promotional emails, event promotion, customer surveys, forms / data capture.

  • Keep in touch with your customers

    You can contact your customers about marketing messages, company news or events.

  • A targeted approach

    Target specific sections of your database i.e. lapsed customers, most valuable clients, etc.

Contact your customers on a regular basis and keep them interacting with you for longer.

If you would like us to explain more about email marketing or you would like to set up a meeting please get in touch.