About 11 Out of 10

How We Work With You

When you come to 11 Out Of 10, you will join an ever-expanding group of delighted customers…
To get your business earning more money from the Internet couldn’t be easier.

  • We offer free initial consultation, irrespective of company size or budget, to truly understand your business needs.
  • No previous knowledge of the web is necessary. We ask you about your business needs in a relaxed jargon-free manner.
  • We only take 30% as a deposit, with the final payment of 70% being made once you are delighted with the site and it goes live.

Here are our ten steps towards ensuring your website project is a success.

Ten Steps to Success

Step 1: Free Consultation
We hold an interview with key people in your company, to understand your business, your target audience and establish your objectives for the site.

Step 2: Requirements Specification and Proposal
We provide a requirements specification outlining what must go right with the site, define the criteria that will make it a success and provide a checklist to be ticked off once the site goes live.

Step 3: Refinement and Order Placement
We take the requirements specification and refine it until all parties are in agreement about what has to be achieved. At this stage you have the option of placing an order which will be in the form of a 30% deposit (The remaining 70% of which is paid once you are delighted with the site and it goes live).

Step 4: Project Launch Meeting
We also introduce you to your account manager and web designer who will be your points of contact throughout the project. Using your requirements specification and general guidelines, we put together a number of visual design concepts for the website and get your feedback.

Step 5: Visual Design Finalised
We refine the look and feel of the new site, the layout of the home page and finalise these with you. We do not start any development work until you are completely happy with these concepts.

Step 6: Development and Review Phases
This is where the structure and working parts of the website take shape. We produce the website structure and incorporate all the content and mechanisms required, and simulate how it work and be used by visitors. We seek your input and comments at all the most important development stages – ongoing participation and feedback is very important to us.

Step 7: Website Goes Live
Before we go live, we prepare a project plan, including full and aggressive testing, email accounts set up, on-line payment set up, and ability to administrate the site yourself are all fully operational. We manage everything for you – so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Step 8: Establish Marketing Objectives & Strategy
Once we reach the final stages of development, we will begin the process of establishing a marketing strategy based around your aims and objectives. We will analyse what areas of marketing are relevant to your business and industry then evaluate how we can take advantage of any opportunities.

Step 9: Marketing Implementation
We deliver the marketing plan based on the agreed objectives and strategies as well as reporting on the progress of your campaigns. Whether it is SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing or any other service, you will receive the same high level professional service.

Step 10: Maintenance
We provide comprehensive support for all of our clients. You need not worry about anything to do with the website. There is one number to ring, one company to call in the unlikely event that you have any website issues. Every client has access to real time visitor statistics so that you can accurately monitor the performance of your website