Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click is an Internet advertising model which allows marketers to create tailored advertisements and show them to users of search engines and search partnerís websites.

This model is facilitated by the use of an auction based system, in which words or phrases related to a businessís offering, known as keywords, are bid upon. The outcome of this auction dictates the advertiserís position in the search results, triggered by a search made for the keyword in question. This auction takes place every single time a search is made on the search engine and generally works on the basis that the advertiser only pays the host every time that their advert is clicked, hence the phrase Cost Per Click or CPC as you may have heard it referred to as.

The advertiser chooses the maximum Cost Per Click that they are willing to pay for each keyword that they are bidding on and this combined with a few other factors determines your ranking in the auction and therefore your position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Think of it like any other auction you may have seen, you would willing to bid more money on an item that is really important to you. The same applies in PPC, as you would be willing to bid more on a keyword that is likely to bring more relevant users to your website as would your competitors, therefore there are certain keywords in most markets that are more relevant than others and the more potentially lucrative they are, the more people are willing to bid on them and the more competition there is for that term.

Why have an expert manage your PPC account?

Due to the huge positive impact that businesses all over the world have benefited from as a result of the successful execution of PPC campaigns, for the modern business it has become a key advertising platform, that should not be ignored and can play a major role from helping a small business to build brand presence, market share and grow during the early stages of its life cycle to global corporations maximising their customer reach and maintain brand presence.

For the beginner, PPC can be a world of confusion and there is an endless list of common pitfalls, that even once youíve got to grips with the terminology are all too often encountered by the eager novice. For this reason many businesses enlist the help of a specialist to manage PPC accounts on their behalf.

At 11outof10 we provide an expert PPC Management service to a large range of clients from a variety of industries, from those who are complete beginners to those who are managing their PPC accounts to a good standard but feel they have taken it as far as they can themselves. We manage PPC campaigns on the platforms provided by the three industry leaders, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search & Microsoft AdCenter
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